Saturday, July 16, 2011

Recent Supermarket Discoveries

Even though I am in Trader Joe's and Whole Foods more than I care to mention, I still roam the aisles looking for anything new+vegan+yummy-looking every time I set foot into either place. And it usually pays off! Here's what I've bought and tried so far. There are a few other things at both places that have caught my eye besides the ones I am about to write about, but I'm not made of money, people! Those other items will have to wait till sometime in the future. $$

 Here's my latest find at Trader Joe's. I was checking out their "new items" shelf and right as I was about to shrug these little guys off as non-vegan, I see that little "V" in the bottom right-hand corner. Yep...had to buy 'em. They were a good price though, $1.99! Julian (my 4-year old wild man) was excited to try them too. Now while we both thought they were delicious, they reminded me of animal crackers. Ok, maybe a step or two up from animal crackers, but definitely reminiscent. Will that stop me from buying these again? Nope. They were yummy and a great price...what else is there, right? 
That was the only thing from Trader Joe's this week unfortunately. So looks like I'll be moving right along to Whole Foods discoveries!

Ok so I guess these have been out for a little while. But I swear this is the first time I've seen them at my Whole Foods! I've heard great things, so i had to give them a try. There are 4 patties inside. The first time I made a patty for myself and a cheese"burger" for Julian. Julian loved his burger and ate nearly the whole thing. I on the other hand only had ketchup and vegan mayo on mine and wasn't all that impressed. But a couple days later we had the other two patties and I dressed mine up a little more than the first time: ketchup, mayo, bbq sauce, pickles, spinach (I always use spinach instead of lettuce), and veggie bacon bits. Much, much better! After that second time around I decided I would definitely buy these again. I pan-fried our burgers but I can only imagine how good these would be grilled up and served with the works! I'm gonna have to try that before the end of summer, that's for sure! I'll report back on that....

 Well well, lookie here! I was on my way to get some Amy's mac n cheeze and spotted this on my way down the aisle. I've heard of the famous Candle 79 restaurant in NY but have never been. I was immediately intrigued and had to buy this. Also...there were three other frozen meals from "Candle Cafe" as well. I cannot remember exactly what they were, but I do know one was a seitan/lemon/caper sorta dish, and the other two were tofu based. A stir-fry and a ravioli dish perhaps? I'll look again next time I'm there. Now, as I've said before, I am not a big tofu fan. So while I will get the seitan meal and try it, I will most likely not be buying the tofu meals. If anyone tries them or has already tried them, please let me know what you think! Anyhow, let's get back to the mac n cheese!! I was so excited to try this out...I mean, who doesn't like mac n cheese right?
 Candle Cafe did not disappoint, let me tell ya! I really liked this and would buy it again as a treat, no doubt about it. Since I'm a cheapskate, I asked the cashier if I could get this for free under the Whole Foods "Give it a Try!" program. Normally I wouldn't be so shameless, but these meals are a little expensive! I think each one was $6.99. Hence...this will be a treat/indulgence sorta thing and not on my weekly shopping list. Maybe that's a blessing in disguise though; I could eat this for dinner almost every night, no kidding. For the record though, I do still love Amy's vegan Mac n Cheese!

Oh who am I kidding, I could eat these for dinner almost every night, for real. Oh how I've missed those ol' York Peppermint Patties....they call my name in the checkout line all the time. And here they are in a more delicious (and more expensive!) form! Whole Foods had an entire endcap devoted to different candies/treats from this company. I'd say about half of them were vegan and I plan on trying them all. I remember seeing dark chocolate covered banana chips and dark chocolate covered pretzel balls on that shelf somewhere, those are a must-try! But these patties are wonderful. No other way to describe them. The price though? Not wonderful. $6.99 if I do recall correctly. What's with me and my expensive taste? Geez. The other treats I saw were not as expensive though, I do remember that. 

Has anyone else tried any of these items before? What are your thoughts? 

Song of the Day: "Love and Happiness", Al Green

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  1. I went to Candle 79 in NYC years ago. I don't remember what I ordered, just that it was the best vegetarian restaurant I'd ever been to!

    I heard about their new line of frozen dinners, but didn't know if they were available in Chicago - SO glad to hear that they are! The Seitan one is calling my name...but $6.99?! eek! It might be just for "special occasions". lol.

    I also heard rave reviews about the Gardein burgers and haven't tried those yet either. I love their chick'n scallopini and 'beef' tips though so I must try it!

    Thanks for sharing!