Friday, January 21, 2011

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's: my vegan junk food heaven, my fitness hell. Yeah yeah, of course they've got plenty of healthy stuff there. But how am I supposed to limit myself to fresh produce, beans, grains and the like when there are so many awesome goodies there? I've photographed a bunch of things over the past month or two, and I'm gonna share what I've got here. Please note that there are lots of other Trader Joe's things I have yet to buy/eat/review/whathaveyou, but I gotta have some discipline in my life!

 First of all, I've already established in a previous post that their bagels are awesome, so let's not get repetitive! Sorry for the photo of a 2/3 eaten bag of Everything Bagels on the right there. Believe me, they're delicious.

 These "meatballs" are great and cost about half the price as the other brand that I buy at Whole Foods! I usually have a bag of these in my freezer for emergency dinners like spaghetti and "meatballs", but also the random concoction of say, meatballs, green beans, rice and gravy? 

Apple Strudel?!? What??
Vegan?!? What?!?! Yep, it's true. I heard through the grapevine (AKA: PPK), that there was a such thing as a vegan apple strudel at Trader Joe's. I think I gasped out loud when I actually saw it though. However...I wasn't too happy with the way it tasted overall. That may be partly due to the fact that my oven decided to singe part of it and leave other parts lukewarm, or it may be partly due to the fact that I wasn't expecting raisins to be in it and was surprised to taste them. Anyway, I haven't totally given up on this strudel, and since it comes with TWO, I can try again another day! I'm pretty sure the raisins will still be in there, but at least I can change the oven temp and watch over it better. 

 But seriously...has anyone else had this?? Oh man, it's freaking GOOD! I had some at a friend's house and just had to get my own jar so I could shamelessly inhale it. And I did! And what's great is that you can mosey on a couple aisles over to the bread section and grab yourself a bag of mini whole wheat pitas and just dip (and dip, and dip) away. But wait till you get home to do that. I'm just saying.

Now just because it says 100 calories per bar doesn't mean that you should go eating 3 or 4 of them at once. I was actually saying that to myself, not to you guys. Well, while I wouldn't say that these are mind-blowing, they are still pretty good and I'd buy them again. They help satisfy my sugar cravings that I get way too often. 

 I'm not a huge fan of pre-packaged noodle dishes, but yet I buy them and am consistently disappointed (this is no reflection on this particular item or Trader Joe's for that matter, by the way). However, it is something I would buy for a road trip or something. So I'm not totally ruling it out.

And...saving the best for last....
 If it's possible to feel excitement and disappointment at once, that's what I was feeling when I first saw these. I LOVE chocolate cherries, but I also LOVE trying to stay in decent shape. Hence, the excitement/disappointment. But naturally I bought a box and managed to ration them out at a reasonable pace. Sort of.
 The "may contain traces of milk" bit doesn't really bother me, but I wanted to take a pic of the ingredients because I know some vegans may not be ok with that.

Oh and also, TJ's also has a vegan product list on their website! Here's a link. Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, I thought so too.

Anyone else have Trader Joe's favorites they'd like to share? If you're not near a TJ's, they have a "coming soon" section on their website for future locations, check to see if they're (hopefully) coming to a city near you!

Song of the day: "Heirloom" by Bjork


  1. Don't east the last everything bagel. It's mine.

  2. I always get overwhelmed when I walk into Trader Joe's, so I usually forget to try things. I've wanted to try that strudel for a while now. Hooray about the cherries!

  3. I ♥♥♥ TJ's Apple Strudel and Red Pepper Spread! I can eat the spread everyday!