Sunday, January 2, 2011

La Liz goes home.

First thing this morning I dropped Lizzy Rizzy off at the airport. So sad! But I'm SO happy that I got to see her again after 2.5 years. And I'm glad she spent Christmas with us. BUT I'm sorry that I got some sort of flu-bug and we stayed in for New Years! I owe you, Liz. JX misses her already. The first words out of his mouth this morning were "Where's Liz??" 
I think he's gonna miss her reading books to him at bedtime. 

She promises she'll be back though! 

So yesterday we were walking down Clark street attempting to do some shopping, but it's kinda hard to shop when everything's closed! Anyway, the one place that was open was Crossroads down on Clark and Diversey. I like that place, so our walk wasn't a total letdown. Afterwards we stopped by Yummy Yummy, a vegan-friendly Chinese/smoothie joint. 

 Now while I have had a couple of duds from this place, overall I really like it and would still recommend it. My old favorite was the Soy Gluten Fried Rice, but this is a new year, so time for a new favorite! Mongolian Seitan....
 This stuff is so freaking good, there is no way in hell that it can be good for you. But that's ok since I don't make it to Yummy Yummy all that often. The portion sizes are good too, so you'll probably have enough for two meals if it's just you eating. I had my leftovers for lunch today and wasn't disappointed. They also serve meat, so it's a good place to go if you happen to have vegan food-fearing folks with you. Oh, and they deliver! Check out their site for more info or just to have a look at their menu.

Yummy Yummy Asian Cuisine
2901 N Broadway
Chicago, IL
(773) 525-6677 

We miss you, Liz! Come visit again anytime!

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