Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Frida's + Sensational Bites = Awesome!

I recently stumbled upon the delicious combination of Frida's for dinner and Sensational Bites for dessert. 
 My husband knows the owner of Frida's, and we've been there a couple of times. Oh by the way, I'm talking about the location in Southport, not the Andersonville location. The Andersonville Frida's was the first one opened and I hear the decor is even more Frida-fabulous than Southport, but I have yet to make it there. Anyhow, the staff at Frida's are very accommodating as far as veganizing some of their dishes for us weirdos, I mean vegans. And Marlene (the owner) has told me herself that the rice as well as the beans are always totally vegan. There, that's one less question you'll have to ask! The first time we went there a little over a year ago, I believe I got Black Bean Enchiladas (::ahem:: hold the cheese) and Cactus Tostadas. Very interesting! But pics. This was long before this blog came to be. 
But this last time we went, I did get pics! They had (non-vegan) flautas in their appetizer menu and I ordered them with potato filling instead. With a side of guac, of course. 
There are quite a few items on the Frida's menu that can be made vegan, so just ask! I really like the atmosphere here, great date setting. Especially if your date is omni, like mine. 
So after dinner, why not mosey two doors down to Sensational Bites? OK, I gotta be honest here, I was not the one who discovered that this place has a few vegan offerings, it was my husband. As we were leaving Frida's and I walked out to the car, husband came up with a box and said that inside the box was a vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cupcake with cinnamon frosting. Wow!

Since I'm evidently trapped in the body of a senior citizen, I can't drink coffee after about noon or so. That being said, this cupcake would have gone great with a nice hot cup of black coffee. Can't win 'em all I guess. Well, it was delicious regardless. 

So, I decided to go back to Sensational Bites and get the skinny on the vegan situation. The woman at the counter told me that they always have at least one vegan item available, and they had about three the day I stopped in!
Peanut Butter...Doozie? Never heard of one before. But hey, it's vegan!
And of course here are the cupcakes!
So...the point of this post is that Frida's for dinner and Sensational Bites for dessert is a great idea and I think you Chicago-living people need to get on it! 

3755 N Southport Ave 
Chicago, IL 60613
(773) 935-2330

Sensational Bites 
3751 N Southport Ave
Chicago, IL 60613
(773) 248-2271

Song of the day: "Got To Give It Up" by Marvin Gaye

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