Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coupla recipes from Vegan On The Cheap

I love when I just happen to have all the ingredients for a recipe on-hand. Believe me, that doesn't happen often. But the other day, I had all the ingredients for the Skillet Hash from Vegan On The Cheap.
I think that although this was a great "throw together" meal, I kinda feel like there was something missing. However, this seems like a good base recipe that you can add a variety of veggies or spices to and make it your own. But since I don't have any culinary creativity to speak of and heavily rely on recipes...this didn't work out for me overall. But it sure did taste better than a PB&J, which was my only other option that night.

And tonight I made the Very Veggie Burgers.
 Now these I can get down with! The burgers come together quickly and easily. And I like the taste! The three changes I'd make next time are:

*A teensy bit less mushrooms. It called for a cup, I think I'll lessen that to maybe 3/4c next time.

*Add a bit of vital wheat gluten. Even though I refrigerated the patties for about 90 minutes before frying them, they were still difficult to flip because they were a little crumbly.

*Double the recipe! These are simple to put together (like I said), but it only makes 4 patties. Next time I'll make 8 and freeze half. 

Oh, and I should mention that I didn't use fresh parsley and basil like she calls for. I used dried. I know fresh would be better, but I'm freaking broke and need to save money any way that I can, folks! 

For those of you who live in the Chicago area, make sure to look for this brand of bread next time you're at the supermarket:

Their breads are good, reasonably priced and...it actually says vegan! What, you don't see it?

Oddly enough, Whole Foods sells this brand as well...but for up to $1.50 more than Jewel-Osco does. So even though I do love me some Whole Foods, get your Z Best breads at Jewel! Not all their products are vegan though, so make sure to double check each label. But I know you'd do that anyway, I mean, what vegan doesn't?

Anyone else have Vegan On The Cheap? What are your thoughts? And has anyone tried Z Best bread? 

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