Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shortcut Biscuits and Gravy

Ok, I may be worn out today from our walk to and from Whole Foods, making Christmas cards and baking brownies and cookies all day, but I still know how to put a box together! Jeez, guys! Anyway, it's days like these that I have to cheat a little when making some dinner. Being exhausted and broke and being at the mercy of what I already have on hand, I gotta cut corners sometimes. I decided to throw together a quick biscuits and gravy concoction cause I was tired and hungy.

I had some Simple Simmered Seitan from Vegan On The Cheap in the freezer....buuuut...it didn't come out very well when I made it (it came out a little gummy on the outside. Not Robin Robertson's fault, I must have had my burner on too high) and it has probably been in the freezer past its shelf life anyway...But I said what the hell and thawed it anyway. I read once (maybe it was Robin Robertson who said it) that if you try making seitan at home and don't like how it turns out, you should still hold on to it and finely dice it for use in a sauce or filling in a casserole or whathaveyou. And that's why I saved it. For a day like today. 

I chopped up the seitan and sauteed it in a bit of olive oil for a good 15-20 minutes till it was nice and brown. While that was going, I threw together the Drop Biscuits from 1,000 Vegan Recipes, the only change I made was using a mix of whole wheat flour along with the all-purpose flour that the recipe calls for. Those are quick and easy. And then the ultimate cheat:

Yeah yeah, I know! It may be vegan, but it is not necessarily good for you! But times are tough, and honestly I usually have a can or two of this junk handy for days just like these.

And here's my final product:
 Believe it or not, it was really good!! Maybe because I was super hungry and just needed some hot food, or maybe I'm just a sucker for biscuits and gravy and therefore I'm not picky. Who knows. 

Moral of the story...sometimes you gotta take a few shortcuts in order to make sure you'll still remember how to assemble a shipping box.



  1. The idea of biscuits and gravy is very appealing to me, but would you believe I've never had it? Maybe I should just head to our local vegan greasy spoon and order a plate!

  2. When I was omni, I never liked the idea of biscuits and gravy. I maybe had it once or twice in my life. But vegan biscuits and gravy is so damn good to me. Can't explain it. I prefer to make it at home, though. The few times I've gone out and had it, I just thought it was so-so. But the few times I've made it at home I loved it! Again, can't explain it.