Thursday, December 23, 2010

La Liz visits for Christmas!

It's been about 2.5 years since I've seen my good friend Liz. And I'm so happy that she's visiting us for the next 10 days! We picked her up this morning at O'Hare Airport and it was a surprisingly smooth operation for being two days before Christmas. Then her and I went to one of my favorite local spots, Pick Me Up Cafe
 Lately my favorite thing to get is the Barbecue Seitan Sandwich, it's so yum! For my side I chose pasta salad, even though I reeeally wanted fries. ::sigh:: But the pasta salad was tasty, for the record.

 Oh man, this hit the spot. I love this sandwich. After finishing my sandwich and fries pasta salad, I wandered over to their dessert case to see what vegan options they had goin' on today. I was pretty stuffed, but decided that I just had to try their Vegan Chai Spice Cake. 
 I really liked this cake! I wish I had a cup of coffee to go with it, but I was stuffed enough as it was. Eating this piece of cake was probably not a good idea overall, but what the hell. 

A little while later, Liz, husband, JX and I all took the train downtown to Macy's to see how long the wait was to see Santa. Uhhh...sorry, but I'm not waiting 2+ hours. So we left. We walked over to Michigan Avenue and checked out some shops before deciding to stop and eat somewhere. Husband suggested PF Chang's since I've been talking about going there for awhile now. 
 I was confused because looking online it seemed as if they only had one vegan option. And it was basically just a bowl of steamed veggies! Upon further reading on Quarrygirl's blog I see that the vegetarian options are actually vegan depending on how you feel about bone char sugar. Although the thought of sugar being processed with animal bone char bothers me, I have to draw the line somewhere. That's just a personal thing for me. I wanted the Ma Po Tofu and asked the waitress what makes it non-vegan. She went to the kitchen and came back to confirm that it is indeed the sugar that makes it non-vegan. Now while I applaud PF Chang's for being so accurate in their labeling, I have to draw the line somewhere (did I just say that?). So I went ahead and ordered it.
 I thought this was "okay". The flavor was super good and I liked the broccoli, but the tofu was a lot softer than my liking. It did have a nice outer crust but much too soft on the inside. I finished about 3/4 of it, so I guess it couldn't be that bad! But you know, I'm just not into these chain restaurant vegan food prices. I could have gone to Cozy Noodles around the corner from my house and got a bigger amount of food for about half the price. Lesson learned. I'll be doing a post on Cozy's soon, you can count on that!

So far Liz is enjoying Chicago. And I'm happy to see my old friend again.

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