Saturday, December 18, 2010

Amy's Soups taste test

I was at my local Whole Foods recently and decided to grab a couple of Amy's soups that I hadn't had before (I'm not the hugest fan of canned soups...but they're quick and easy) and do a taste test. First up, Pasta and 3 Bean.

I wasn't big on this soup. It just had an odd aftertaste that I couldn't get past. I thought the pasta part of it was okay, just not the broth. Next up: Low Fat Minestrone.

Now while I wouldn't call this soup fantastic (told you I'm not a huge canned soup fan!), I liked it much better than the 3 Bean. And JX ate his whole bowl...and if you know me, that's always a plus!! So I think in the future I would possibly buy the Minestrone to have on hand for an emergency lunch or dinner, but I'm not exactly gonna bust down the Whole Foods doors to get it. At Good Earth Market in Montana, they had an Amy's Alphabet Soup, and I actually really liked that one! But even though Whole Foods has a large Amy's soup selection, they sadly do not have the alphabet one.

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