Sunday, November 21, 2010

zpizza. Billings, Montana

Remember how I mentioned earlier that there are a few chain restaurants in Billings that are worth mentioning? Yeah, here's another one. zpizza! There are two locations in Billings. One on the West End, and one downtown. The only one I've been to so far is the West End location. And let me tell you that places like this are a lifesaver for people who may be the lone vegan in the family...which may be your situation if you're in Billings! 

There are clearly labeled vegan options and one specialty vegan pizza too!
This is probably the only sign in a Billings window with the word "vegan"!
And don't worry...just in case you missed the sign in the window when you walked in, it's on the menu inside too. 

Naturally, the first time I went there I was inclined to try the "Berkeley Vegan". Here it is in all its glory:

Although I enjoyed this pizza overall (I should have ordered it without mushrooms though), I noticed a hanging sign that said zpizza offers avocado as a pizza topping! I knew that the next time I went back, I'd be getting avocado on my pizza for sure!!

And so today was the day I went back for a second time. And today I noticed a sign taped up on the glass explaining what the gluten free options were as well as the vegan options. That sign was basically a printout of their vegan FAQ page which is here. I think it's really neat that you can get other sauces besides regular tomato on your pizza, but I usually just stick with tomato. 

This time around I went with the wheat crust, and tomato, avocado and caramelized onions on my pizza:

Mmm mmm mmm!! Man oh man, I went with a winning combination on this one. I think the caramelized onions were what really made this pizza sing, but the avocado definitely played a part as well! The extra toppings are a bit expensive ($1.35 each on a small pizza), so I really didn't want to go with any more than 3 toppings. 

Like I said, there are lots of toppings to choose from, so I may even go with something totally different if we go in again before we leave. 

There are lots of zpizza locations throughout the country (and even a few international locations!), see if there's one in your area by clicking here. There are no Illinois locations, but that's ok. I'll just enjoy my zpizza whenever we visit Billings. Companies who make sure to offer something to vegans and gluten-free folks deserve to be patronized, if you ask me! 

Have any of you been to zpizza? What are your thoughts?


  1. Avocado on pizza is so great. I like trying it with some kind of spicy thing, like soyrizo. I haven't tried zpizza. I think there's one that might deliver to my work, but it would be kind of a long shot.

  2. Well give zpizza a try if you find yourself near one! And let me know what you think!