Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wisconsin Dells, day 3: Superheros and Portobellos

Day 3 in the Dells. I'm enjoying my vacation, but also missing my kitchen. And my dog. No dogs allowed at the Kalahari, folks. Bummer.

So...what's for breakfast? Why, oatmeal of course! The only reason I am even bringing this up is because I noticed a "Dessert Oatmeal" option on the room service menu. "Sliced bananas, shredded coconut, toasted pecans, raisins and brown sugar". JX and I had a date with the indoor water park, so I decided to ignore the 19% tax on room service and get it anyway. If I recall correctly, the price of the oatmeal is $6.99. Aaand of course I got hash browns as well (no butter, guys!). Also, the room service staff were kind enough to sub fruit for JX's bacon or sausage option for no extra charge. My total came to about $20, which honestly I didn't think was that bad for "resort" room service. 

No picture of the oatmeal is necessary though, right? Ya seen one drab-looking bowl of oatmeal, ya seen 'em all!

After our water park adventure, during which I was very proud of myself for keeping my eyebrows in tact, it was time to get ready for my husband's annual banquet. Now this is the evening where my food would actually be provided. God bless my husband for taking the necessary steps in the last month or so to assure I would be provided a vegan meal. At first their answer was "nope", and I would also not be allowed to bring any outside food. Not cool, folks. But then they had a change of heart and said they'd make a vegan meal. Lucky me.

Overall it was a pretty nice evening, my husband and his coworkers lookin' fancy:
 Oh wait, that was the costume party from last night. Nothing fancy about that. 
 Ok, that's much more like it. When we were let into the banquet room, everyone had salads at their seats. I scraped the shredded cheese off of mine, and since the dressing of choice was friggin' ranch, I ate my salad DRY. I hope that's applause I'm hearing right now because that was not an easy feat for someone who doesn't eat enough raw veggies as it is!
At this point I was a little worried that my vegan meal was just a pipe dream and that I'd have to make do with a handful of cashews from our hotel room upstairs (or more wine), but lo and behold the Kalahari came through for me!
 Why hello there, classy dinner. So can you guys tell that half of this meal is eaten already? I assure you it didn't arrive like that. I was nearly halfway through my meal and realized I hadn't taken a picture! Oh, the horror! So I did what I could to doctor it back up and snapped this photo. As you can tell, portobello mushrooms have made their way back into my life for the second time in 3 days. Odd. At first I was a little let down, but then I said, "Stop clowning around and eat the gad-dang mushrooms! After all, one serving provides you with 100% of your RDA of vitamin D, so what are you waiting for?" My husband had to explain to his coworkers that his wife often gives herself pep talks and not to worry, I'm harmless. 
You know, the mushrooms were actually OK! They were marinated and grilled, along with the tomato and broccoli (oh, you don't see any broccoli? That was the first veggie to get eaten. Sorry, folks), and surrounded by sauteed bell peppers, spinach and red onions. My meal looked pretty darn impressive in the midst of all the mass-prepared steak and fish dishes that everybody else got and complained about. 
So let it be known, The Kalahari is capable of making a vegan meal if you're willing to jump through a few hoops. 
I'd like to thank my husband, cause when I needed a hero, he pulled through and got it done for me.
Omni-man: fightin' the good fight for his beloved vegan wife.
I know there's debate over whether Popeye is actually a superhero, but he is in this case!
 Last night in the Dells? Check. Resort-style portobello dinner? Check. Too much wine? Soon-to-be check. 
Please "check" in tomorrow for my "last meal" in the Dells before heading back to the Windy City!


  1. That looks pretty good for a place that at first gave you a no. I'm not a huge portobello fan but occasionally I get a good one.

  2. Those ad hoc meals are always tough. The worst kind are business meals at steakhouses, though I've only had to endure that once. I ate a lot of bread.

  3. Who better than Popeye to help you get your spinach? (And other vegetables...) :)

  4. @panda, yeah I was pleasantly surprised! I'm not a huge portobello fan either...but I was so glad they hooked it up for me!
    @machopineapple...bread and salad at a steakhouse sounds familiar to me! Being married to omni-man.
    @cadryskitchen, good point!!!

  5. I can't stop laughing at those costumes!!!

  6. Ah, The Dells! You're making me homesick. Have you ever been to The Cheese Factory? It's a veg restaurant masquerading as "normal." They have a lot of vegan choices. And you've got a Monty's badge. Spicy fries, yeah!!!

  7. @Mo: You shoulda been there!! We went to a bar and I sang "I Touch Myself" on karaoke while all those guys were gyrating on stage. Pretty damn memorable!!

    @Andrea: I just went to The Cheese Factory the day before, I posted about it too! That has to be one of my fave spots, seriously....
    I'm actually headed through Madison on Saturday on our way to Montana, I'm gonna stop at Mother Fool's Coffeehouse. What are your thoughts on that place? I hear they've got vegan baked goods...I'm so there!

  8. I love me some portobellos and that plateful looks totally RAD.

  9. @ Jeni Treehugger, I think you'd love this dish, then! I'm not really into portobellos and I actually liked this!

  10. Would you believe I've never been to Mother Fools? There's a new veg restaurant on the East Side called The Green Owl that's pretty good. Lulu's has a great falafel sandwich for lunch. We liked Dobhan, too. Himal Chuli and on State Street has a lot of veg stuff.

  11. That dish looks super pretty and good! even though you'd started eating it before you took the picture, haha (this happens to me often).