Monday, November 22, 2010

Trying new things, from Pilates to protein powder...

Recently I've been trying to break out of my comfort zone and try new things, whether it's a new kind of workout or a new food. We've been in Montana for a couple of weeks now, and we've been going to the Billings YMCA. Normally I enjoy working out with free-weights and then doing some cardio, usually on a stationary bike (easier on my back!). But I noticed that the Y offers a lot more classes than my gym in Chicago, so I thought this would be a perfect chance for me to...try new things! And today I finally did.

I have never done Pilates before, but have always been interested in it. I really liked it! It took a little getting used to at first, but by the end I think I was getting the basic idea and I would definitely do it again. I think my body thanked me too, for doing something different! 

So after the Y, I headed over to Mary's Health Food to check out what they've got. 

Like I said before, Billings has four health foods stores and there's something I like about all of them. Mary's has a much bigger protein/supplement/vitamin/mineral section than Good Earth, but a much smaller fresh produce selection. Anyway, keeping with my "trying new things" kick, I decided to buy a few things I would normally not purchase.

Although I don't have any major gluten sensitivities, I am interested in cutting back on gluten when I can. Overall I'd say this cookie was "ok". The texture was a little crumbly, but I'm just not really used to gluten-free stuff. I am partial to lemon though, so I'd probably buy this cookie again.

Now this is a different story. I'm so sorry Oskri Organics, but I just can't get down with this bar. The texture was way too hard/crunchy and the taste was just too bitter for me. I couldn't even finish this bar. But you know, I'm not really a health-foodie (although I sometimes wish I was), and this really is a "health-foodie" bar!

Ahh, the search for a palatable vegan protein continues...this one was not quite a winner for me. I love that I can buy sample sizes in some proteins though, so I don't get "stuck" with a full canister. This protein was kind of chalky and had a funkier aftertaste than my pea protein. So...we'll be sampling more powders in the future and reporting back. 

Do I even need to explain myself on this one? Chipotle Lime Crispy Fingers? WHAT?! So far I've had a few Gardein products and my fave so far has been the Seven Grain Crispy Tenders...until now. I'm not usually a big "chipotle" flavored kind of gal, but I gave these a shot. And man I'm loving 'em! I have yet to see them in Chicago, but I'm gonna request them at my local Whole Foods and hope they get 'em in. If you have not yet tried these and they're available in your area, please buy some and give them a try! I don't think you'll regret it! 

So that's it for my "new things" adventures for today! Hope I've inspired some of you to get out of your comfort zones, too! If even for only a day...

Mary's Health Food
2564 King Avenue W #J
Billings, Montana


  1. i've never taken a pilates class either - for some silly reason i've always been a little intimidated by them. i might just have to check one out sometime. so awesome on stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things. i can see how the g-f cookie was a bit crumbly, some of the store bought ones do tend to be, but i'm glad the flavor was yum! i want to say that dan tried one of those Oskri Organics bars a bit ago - he tried a coconut one and wasn't too impressed. sadface on the protein powder being chalky. dan looooves the vega stuff - if you haven't given it a try you might wanna give it a go. it's pretty yummy, especially in a smoothie made with almond milk, peanut butter, and a little banana. mmmm!

  2. You know, I've tried the berry flavored Vega and I do like it, but it's a little expensive! I can only afford to buy it every few months or so. Maybe I shouldn't be so cheap!

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