Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Taste test: Eden Organic Spanish Rice & Beans

Saw this in the supermarket here in Billings yesterday and thought I'd give them a try. Not sure if it's a new product or just new to me. But either way I've never seen it before. I'm a fan of rice and beans, and I'm also a fan of convenience foods, and so this was worth a try!
And my verdict is....okay. Just okay. This really shouldn't be eaten plain, it leaves something to be desired. 

I think if I added some diced tomatoes, diced avocado and vegan sour cream, I'd have a more memorable meal. I will probably buy this again, but not eat it plain!

Has anyone else ever tried this?


  1. How much salt is in there? I remember it being super bland. Oooh! You need queso.

  2. I've never seen it. I'm not a huge fan of canned beans, so I probably wouldn't have noticed.

  3. @VeryBerry, I'm not sure about the salt, I don't think it was very much actually. That would explain a lot!
    @panda...you're not missing out on much!

  4. I've never seen that before. I generally have to stay away from stuff like that though. It always seems like a good idea, but the result is usually really gross for me. For example, I will never buy gluten from a can again. Brr.

  5. @Mo, you're right. A lot of canned foods seem like a good idea and usually end up being a disappointment!