Saturday, November 20, 2010

Supermarket find: Butternut Squash Soup with Crackers

Sometimes when you're staying at someone else's house, you'll notice that they don't exactly stock their pantry like you probably do. Things like "nooch" (nutritional yeast), flax seed, apple cider vinegar, and brown rice syrup are things that you are suddenly without. And you either can't afford to restock their pantry to look like yours, or some of your staples are simply unavailable where you are. So, at times like these, you've got to go with what's available. 

Let's just say I've been eating a small amount of soup since I've been in Billings. Well, can you blame me? It's cheap, quick, and it's freaking cold as hell outside. I like the Butternut Squash Soup because it's sweet, creamy, and kid-friendly! All I've got to do is crumble up some crackers into JX's soup and he's good to go. I'll admit that I'm not that big on "sweet" soups necessarily, but this one is pretty good and I'd buy it again. 

Anyone tried this soup? What are your thoughts?

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