Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lower-Fat Banana Bread variation, from Veganomicon

Veganomicon strikes again! If you notice you've got 2-3 browning and sad looking bananas in your kitchen, they are probably begging you to make these. Talk about easy, it all comes together quickly in one bowl, and all the other ingredients are things you've probably got in your pantry anyway. So you've got no excuses now! 

The original recipe is simply titled Lower-Fat Banana Bread, and you're given the option of adding chocolate chips and/or making muffins instead of bread. So, I took the liberty of trying both variations at once. Oddly enough though, it doesn't list the amount of chocolate chips to put in. I went with the default amount of 1/2 cup, and that was perfect. Another thing, I like my muffins a little larger, so I filled the muffin tins a little higher than normal and got 9 muffins instead of 12. 

These are a big hit it in my house. I've made them a few times before without the chocolate chips:
Same muffin, but regular size and sans chocolate chips
But the chocolate chips have won me over and I think they'll be a permanent part of the recipe now. Next time I may even add some walnuts too. 


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  1. oh gosh, I love that recipe so much. It has totally become my go-to banana bread. I always leave out the choccy chips, and use walnuts instead though... because apparently I am very traditional when it comes to banana bread.