Friday, November 5, 2010

Chicago Spotlight: Ste Martaen/Soul Veg Vegan Food Truck!

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting up with the Ste Martaen/Soul Veg Vegan Food Truck. Yes you heard me right, Chicago. A vegan food truck! Ste Martaen, a family-owned company, has teamed up with Soul Veg (southside Chicago vegan restaurant) to bring delicious food to hungry vegans all over the city! 
Forgive the so-so photos....taken at night with my so-so camera.

I decided to go with the Shredded Chik'n Tacos for JX and BBQ Beef Sub for myself. 
Shredded Chick'n Tacos
BBQ Beef Sub, complete with grilled red peppers
Again, sorry for the pics...they do not do this food justice. Also, both dishes contain Ste Martaen's own gourmet cheese! If you haven't tried it yet, please do!! I know you can buy it at Delicious Cafe, and other locations are listed on their website.
Oh my goodness I enjoyed both of these so much. JX decided he was "done" after only a few bites of his tacos, so I basically ate everything myself. And I'm not complaining! But I really should have thought this through and purchased a Cherry Vanilla Creme soda ahead of time to go with my dinner! Sometimes water just doesn't cut it.  

Please, please follow Ste Martaen on Twitter: @stemartaen. They operate the food truck Mon-Fri and are constantly tweeting their current location and upcoming destinations! Sometimes they even ask if anyone has a particular location in mind for them. These guys are awesome and we need to show them that they're appreciated by purchasing their tasty food! Click here to check out the menu. 

Thanks Vegan Food made my night!

It's never too chilly for a Vegan Food Truck run!

 Tune in tomorrow for day one of our two-day road trip to Montana!


  1. Send them south. I want that BBQ beef sub.

  2. The Ste Martaen site lists where their products are sold:
    Delicious Cafe
    Whole Foods – South Loop
    Whole Foods – River Forest
    True Nature Foods
    Chicago Vegan Coop

  3. Oh, I should have checked that!! I feel silly now. I usually go on their website and immediately click on "food truck". Thanks, K!

  4. I can't wait to find this around town! SO excited! Two of my favorite vegan products/establishments in one place!

  5. Veganopoly, make sure to follow them on Twitter! You'll be enjoying delicious vegan food in no time!!

  6. Wow! That's a company that needs to be supported. Although I gotta say, I'm not that attracted to foods with beef in the name, even if they are vegan!

    So I jumped on my seven day juice fast yesterday after those lovely fries we stole from Coco on Wednesday. I'm going to blog about it.

    Have fun in Montana!

  7. I totally wanted to go to Soul Veg while I was there. Pout. Well, I'll be back (and you're taking me!)

  8. I've been considering ordering their cheeses for a while, I'm glad to hear they are good and will definitely give them a try now!

  9. Oh that's sooo cool! I never thought I'd see a vegan food truck. I watched one episode of that food truck battle show on Food Network, but I found I was just jealous, thinking back to my college days where there was a greek food truck that parked next to our dorm late at night where I could get a falafel wrap.

  10. Must go there if I'm ever in Chicago again!

  11. @Megan/Mo: Let me know if you guys come to Chicago again!!!

  12. Jeez! I need to road trip more often - what incredible finds. :D