Friday, October 29, 2010

Whole Foods favorites

I spend way too much time and money at my local Whole Foods. Is it weird that I actually like going in there to just peruse the aisles to see if there are any must-try-now vegan products?  And it feels so much more rewarding as a vegan to find something that I may have taken for granted in my "pregan" days. Before I may have thought something like, "Oh are these cookies new? Haven't heard of them before. Maybe I'll give 'em a try". Not really thinking much about it, and definitely not reading over the ingredients. But now it's more like, "Whoa, vegan cookies!! Are they new? Do they come in other flavors? Should I buy two boxes?? Well now I've got to get some vegan ice cream to go with it!" Yeah, I take it to a whole new level. But I love it! 

My husband loves the gelato at Whole Foods. He'd meander over to the gelato/sorbet case for a sample or two while I shopped around. But one day he called me over there to point out some of the sorbet flavors to me, since they are all vegan (well, 90% of the time they are anyway). And I'm so glad he did!! Check out the sorbet section of the case:
 I'm usually not a huge fan of sorbet. I mean, it's good but sometimes just a little too tart for me. Well I guess I've been eating the wrong sorbet cause all of Whole Foods' sorbets are awesome! But these two caught my eye:

And of course I had to get a sample of both of them. Let me tell you, they are both so good in their own way, that I really cannot decide on a favorite. You just have to try them for yourselves and decide! But make sure you do it soon, the staff told me that these are seasonal flavors and will be gone in a couple months. Oh, the horror! Well it gives me something to look forward to next fall, then!

Hot Cocoa sorbet, with Dandies marshmallows of course!

...and Apple Cider sorbet!

Another favorite Whole Foods item of mine are Hilary's vegan cookies. I'm not sure if these are sold outside of Illinois (but they should be!), but have a look next time you're in a Whole Foods and pick up a box (or two!).

My favorite is the Peanut Butter & Chocolate. But that's subject to change. Whenever I try a new flavor, that one becomes my favorite. 

And while I'm at's my latest favorite Whole Foods beverage:
Now don't think I consume all of these products in one sitting! I would if my stomach could handle it, though. I usually try to limit myself on these treats, and lately my bank account is making sure I stay very limited!

Whole Foods, Halsted & Waveland
3640 N Halsted St
Chicago, IL 60613 


  1. First: Are we like cosmically connected or what?!

    Second: Their sorbet is vegan?!? I cannot BELIEVE I never thought to check that out before! Thank you so much - I'm going to Whole Foods asap :)

  2. Those cookies sound amazing! I guess I should check them out the next time I am over there :)

  3. @jd YES, go try their sorbets!! Hot Cocoa and Apple Cider flavors ROCK!!!
    @Mellie They are SUPER must try!