Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Supermarket discovery: Eggplant Sticks!

I always enjoy discovering clearly labeled vegan snacks at my local supermarket. It's like I've hit a vegan jackpot and by purchasing this item I am paving the way for vegans everywhere to have frozen snacks readily available to them whenever we'd like...even if a product has been there for a while and I've just never noticed. Hey, it's new to me, right? Anyway, here's my latest find. As you can see, it is labeled "vegan" right on the front of the package (thumbs up!). But of course I didn't notice that until I read over the ingredients 3 times and said to myself, "I think this is vegan, but you never know...." I maybe even said that out loud, but this is Chicago so no one cares.

I thought these were quite good! And JX liked them, so that's a double thumbs up. Well, my kid pretty much loves anything fried so I won't get too excited.

I didn't have vegan ranch dressing at home, but I did have marinara sauce. My eggplant stick presentation may not have looked like the picture on the box, but they were still very good and I'd buy them again! I'm paving the way here, folks...paving the way.


  1. Eggplant sticks?! That is so awesome! I really hope my hfs has them because they look delicious.

  2. Check out your local supermarket, too! Ya never know, right?

  3. Melissa, I'm checking out your whole blog here and LOVING IT! And you have a following! Nice job.