Thursday, October 14, 2010

Not your average Wednesday!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing not one, but TWO good friends that I haven't seen in years. In the morning, I met with Faith, who I haven't seen in about 4 years. We met up at Pick Me Up, which is one of my favorite places to eat. 

Normally when I go, I'm torn between the Vegan Benedict and the BBQ Seitan Sandwich (I'm sure they'll both make it to the blog soon enough), but since I had JX with me and we're short on money, I went with an order of Vegan French Toast for us to share. 


It was delicious as usual of course, but I wanted me some Benedict! Next time, next time.
Unfortunately Faith had to be on her way after our brief meeting, but I'm hoping she can make it back out here sometime soon! 

Faith looking beautiful, JX showing us his butt.

Next, JX and I were on our way out to Midway Airport to meet up with Mindy and FINALLY meet her two kids and introduce her to JX! I haven't seen her in SIX years! We had to take two trains out there (red line and orange line) but JX was awesome. All he needed was an iPod and headphones to watch a movie and he was good to go! 

Mindy was unfortunately "stuck" in the airport (long story, folks!) so we set up camp in baggage claim and let the kids get to know each other (AKA: run around and beat each other up) while we did our best to catch up.

Don't be fooled by these innocent smiles!

 It was GREAT to see Mindy again, I'm sad that we didn't get to explore Chicago together, though!! I'm trying to bribe her to make it back up here one day. But even if she can't, that's OK because I'm gonna try and make a trip to Austin next year to visit her. Nice, warm Austin visit during a cold Chicago winter...sounds good to me!!

How much do I love this Birdo!?!?!

  Come visit again soon, Mindy and Faith!! Please!

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  1. Thanks for suggesting Pick Me Up. It was awesome! AND I cant wait to get back again!
    ps LOVE your blog