Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Almost-Instant Chickpea-Tomato Soup, from Vegan on the Cheap

The great thing about this soup is if you've got a well-stocked pantry, all you need is a lemon and this can be on your table in about 10 minutes.

Overall I felt that this soup was lacking something, but I couldn't quite figure it out. Although I love to cook, I am not good enough (yet) to be able to taste something and say, "this is good, but it could use some _____" except when that "something" is salt. I followed the recipe exactly, as I almost always do when cooking/baking something for the first time. In the end I added more lemon juice. I think next time I might add a bit of vegetable broth to thin it out a little more to my liking. 

However....my 3 year old ate it!! That is a wonderful thing! Granted I had to dump a handful of soup crackers into his bowl, but whatever...he ate it!

All in all, I think I would make this again. I'm a fan of quick recipes, and of course I'm also a fan of anything from a book called "Vegan on the Cheap"!!!

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